Welcome to Journaling World!

I’m Miriam, a late-20-something Norwegian lost in the Scottish Highlands. I live here with my whiny but cute kitten (who I’ve got about 300 ridiculous nicknames for).

I’m very funny to about three people. To everyone else, I’m the go-to for thoughtful answers and slightly strange insights. Oh, and pens. I’ve been told I could supply the whole world with pens.

Once my stepsister saw me wearing a deep-blue, sleeved blanket with stars and moons on it, and said “This is literally you in blanket form.”.

That should clear everything up.

Okay dokes. So what’s this website?

Well, I’ve always loved journaling. I started young with a small, lined notebook and a mechanical pencil I cried when I lost.

Since then I’ve produced thousands and thousands of words.

Okay, you may ask? Did this help me so much that it’s worth making a website about?

Short answer: Yes.

Journaling taught me to look in the mirror and never avert my eyes. And it taught me to look out with a steady gaze.

It taught me to accept reality, within and without. Nothing is a more powerful source of growth than that.

Journaling is…

… Connecting with the real you.

… Growing on purpose.

… Positive change without willpower.

… Mental strength and creativity in all areas of life.

So let me help you stare life in the face without flinching. Let me guide you to your own strength and wisdom.

And, if you’re into it – let’s get creative, too!

Need a hand? Have a question? Feel free to drop me a line below.

All the best,


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  1. Susan says:

    Dear Miriam:
    I really like your journal writing blog. Please continue it.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much for your comment! Glad you like the blog – I’ll definitely continue writing 🙂

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